Flourish Events Company launched in November, 2018 after it’s founder - primary teacher and community project leader, Sarah Bridge - was diagnosed with a rare bone disorder. After a few months of coming to terms with the reality of living with a chronic illness, Sarah decided that she needed a change of career that would provide the flexibility to work from home and allow her to focus on her health.

After attempting to find out more information about her diagnosis to help her manage her symptoms and live as fully as possible, Sarah quickly realised how difficult it could be to find credible, reliable health advice. From being given conflicting nutritional advice to waiting weeks for an appointment with her GP to only be directed Google because they had never heard of the disorder, it became clear that something needed to change. From this point, Sarah made it her mission to make credible health advice more accessible and to connect people to leading experts in the industry with the aim of empowering people to make informed decisions about their overall health and wellbeing. This is when Flourish was born!

We host events, workshops & retreats throughout the north of England that cover a host of health and wellbeing topics from gut health and body confidence to managing anxiety and skin health. We are passionate about connecting you to relevant experts and providing evidence based information wherever possible.

We have also created a Flourish community which is growing by the day! Our members are women who share a passion for all things health & wellness. Each month, they benefit from monthly meetups, a private members group, discounts to all of our events, exclusive competitions, early bird tickets, a gift each month and so much more! Click here for more information.


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