Flourish Annual Membership

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Flourish Annual Membership

75.00 every 12 months 89.00 every 12 months

Join the Flourish community and get access to all of this…

  • A monthly newsletter sent directly to your inbox, packed with hints, tips & articles from leading experts and influencers, as well as updates about upcoming events and competitions!

  • Exclusive discounts to ALL of our events & VIP tickets to limited events

  • We will give you access to discount codes that have been provided by brands for our members ONLY.

  • Access to our virtual hub - a private Facebook group for all of our members to connect, support, exchange knowledge, share tips and stories & inspire each other! We will host member-only competitions & co-host regular Facebook lives with experts from the health industry.

  • Guest blogging opportunities for all members. Got an idea for a blog? Let us know!

  • Access to invite-only monthly meet-ups where you get the chance to meet other Flourish members in a relaxed, supportive environment. Some of our meetups will be lead by nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga teachers, GP’s and other health professionals.

  • Feature as a #FlourishingFemale on our Instagram stories. Get the chance to share your business page/brand/blog post/achievements with all of our followers.

  • Receive a monthly gift/VIP samples from health and wellness brands who have collaborated with us.

If you’re a woman who is passionate about living a healthy, balanced, sustainable life or you’re a health blogger/business owner who wants to feel inspired, then we’d love for you to join us!

Save £19 by choosing annual membership!

(12 month contract - non refundable should you choose you to end your membership early)