The Low-Down on Breathwork

Do you suffer from fatigue, lack of sleep or chronic stress? In this guest blog, breathwork specialist, Richie Bostock aka The Breath Guy reveals how the ancient tradition of breathwork can be used as a tool to achieve greater levels of health, wellbeing and happiness.


What if I were to tell you that I had a magic pill that could do the following:

  • Give you more natural energy than a cup of coffee

  • Help you to think clearer and be more creative

  • Help you to relax if you are stressed

  • Turn off that busy mind and go into a state of meditative flow quickly

  • Help you to sleep better

  • And cure digestive problems

This already sounds too good to be true, right? If this wasn’t already crazy enough, what if I were to tell you that you also already have this pill and that it is quite literally right under your nose and accessible for everyone?

Your breath is your secret weapon that everyone has in their possession, but very few people know how to use. Many ancient traditions, particularly in the east, have known this for centuries and have developed practices based around breathing to increase the quality of their physical, mental and emotional health. But now as modern science continues to advance, more and more research supports what ancient traditions have known for centuries; the way we breathe can significantly impact our quality of life.

The vast majority of people in modern society are not aware that they are breathing incorrectly and fewer are aware about how these incorrect breathing habits are slowly destroying their health and happiness. On average, a person will take between seven to ten million breaths per year and the effects of habitually breathing incorrectly accumulate and manifest in physical and mental dysfunctions, from fatigue, headaches, digestive issues and sleep disorders to chronic stress and anxiety. It is estimated that 60% of all emergency transports in larger American cities involve breath-related disorders. To quote Donna Fahri, world renowned yoga instructor, “A casual glance of any city street will reveal the extent to which tight belts, tight bodies and tight schedules are literally taking our breath away”.

But there is good news, it just breathing! Like learning any new skill, with some understanding and some practice you can reprogram your breathing mechanics to it’s original state (if you need a reference, watch how a toddler breathes and notice it’s open and flowing nature) and even start to use your breath as a tool to achieve even greater levels of health, happiness and performance.

Enter Breathwork; the next revolution in health, wellness and performance. Breathwork is defined as starting to become aware of how you breathe and learning how to change it to create physical, mental and emotional benefits. In the last 12 months it has really exploded on the health and wellness scene, and the reason is simple - it works! If feeling healthier, happier and stronger is as simple as taking some breaths in certain ways, then that is a pretty easy win!

Watch a 90 second tutorial by Richie Bostock aka The Breath Guy  here

Watch a 90 second tutorial by Richie Bostock aka The Breath Guy here

I work with a wide variety of people who come to my 1-1 sessions, classes, events and workshops - from elite athletes looking to increase athletic output to busy business executives who want to learn how better manage stress and have more energy. Here are just a few examples of why people come to see me

  • Everyday Breathing - Optimising your natural breathing mechanics for better health and vitality and then to learn how to use your breathing as a tool to deal with life’s situations.

  • Breathing Meditation - Leaning how to use breathing techniques to go into meditative states and create levels of peace, clarity and blissful energy that you may have never experienced in your life.

  • Breathwork Deep Dives - Using specific breathing techniques to have deeply profound experiences which help to get beyond usual patterns of thinking and feeling to quickly and safely release unhelpful patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour built up over a lifetime. Think of it like therapy on rocket fuel!

I teach regular classes and 1-1 sessions in London and also have regular events in London. If you aren’t based in London, then you can also try some of my Breathwork classes on an app called Fiit where I also have a 6 week breath mastery plan to help you fully optimise your breath! ->