9 Ways to Stay Healthy When You're Busy in Business

Everyone has their favourite ways to unwind, eat well, exercise and ensure mental health is in check. Victoria Prince, who has recently launched her Energy Ball Recipe Kits, whilst running a Marketing Consultancy shares her top 9 tips to staying healthy - and they’re not all based on exercise!

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For me, sometimes remembering to ‘check in’ with myself in the first place can be the problem, as I focus really hard for 13 hours a day and that’s usually 7 days a week.

So, I’m going to share with you the systems and methods that I put in place to ensure that I’m as healthy as possible.

As the American Poet Ralph Emerson said: The first wealth is health!

1 - Nutrition

Let’s start with food! I’m Vegan and have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, so I’m very careful about what I eat. I see a Nutritionist, who I speak to twice a month at the moment (I’ve just been through a Liver Cleanse and Juice Detox to aid my hormones) and we’re currently looking at what I eat at what times of day.

Everyone has their own nutritional needs, so it’s certainly worth seeking the advice of a Nutritionist or Dietician to ensure you’re doing the best for your body. It’s enlightening!

2 - Regular Appointments

There are appointments which are systematically in my diary. For example, I go for a massage, chiropractic adjustment and yoga session all together, which is a blissful afternoon! The fact it’s in my diary means that meetings and phone calls need to be scheduled around it. Appointments like this are considered ‘safe’ time.

3 - Owning A Dog

Little Barney the Beagle doesn’t realise how much he boosts my health! Without him, I’d literally be at my desk for the whole day, concentrating on the task in hand. Two walks around the block each day mean that I get away from my desk, fresh air, vitamin D from the sunshine, stretch my legs and clock up some serious steps on the Fitbit too!  

4 - Outside Advice

This may not sound like it’s linked to ‘staying healthy’ but it sure is to me. I have a Business Coach and a Food Mentor. This helps me on a mental health level, they are not just supporting my business, but ensuring I’m confident in all the big decisions I’m making as my business expands

5 - Sporadic Spa Sessions

Days away from the business are important too, in order to reflect and see the bigger picture. Heading to a Spa for the day with my boyfriend or group of friends is the perfect way to ensure I’m away from my laptop and phone. Although saying that, last time I was there I was talking to the Cafe Manager about our Energy Ball Catering Packs!  Switch. Off. Vic.

6 - Gym Bunny

I really enjoy going to the gym, but it can be hard to fit in. I love a good cardio session with weights. I took a lot of PT lessons last year and logged all the workout routines in a little book, so I continue to use those and log my progress. When I can’t go for a week, I try really hard not to beat myself up about it, and just get back on the wagon as soon as I can.

Although the gym is time out from the office, I’ve usually got a Blinkist book about business in my ear, or a Podcast by Mary Portas or Holly Tucker.

7 - Giving Is Better Than Receiving

Research suggests that giving a gift, donating to charity or volunteering has a positive impact on mental and physical health. This is a win-win way to be healthier and it can put a lot of life’s problems in perspective too!

I’ve been very lucky to have visited King’s Children’s Home in Kenya, twice, through the Christian charity; One By One. Both trips were enlightening for very different reasons; the first compelled me to raise funds for more pants & sanitary items for teenage girls in the area, so they could continue their education whilst on their periods. Find out more about the Dignity Project - it’s a wonderful charity run by my friend Becky Murray.

8 - Forest Bathing

My absolute escape is time in nature; wandering through woodlands (Sherwood Forest is my favourite) and seeing the seasons changing. It’s 100% about mental health as well as physically walking miles and miles. It’s like pressing a reset button for me.

There’s a great article on the National Trust website about Forest Bathing - it’s not just me!

9 - Set A Strict Curfew

My boyfriend Phil can be an absolute gem, supporting me when times are busy, time off work to look after Barney when I’m in London for a week and making sure I get my Spa Sessions and Forest Bathing regularly.

However, his latest craze, and I do applaud his rationale for this, is to set a curfew on my working hours. He asks me to switch off my computer and stop work at 6.30pm.

This is 100% a great idea, and is certainly a valid point in my list of ‘Ways To Stay Healthy’ if I could stick to it. I’m even typing this and it’s 8pm on a Friday night. The thing is, Phil is in the Police, and he’s at work until 1am tonight, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

8 out of 9 isn’t bad, right?

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To find out more about Victoria’s work/life balance, she’s written a blog about Own Business Day and Achieving Wellness.